Glory Vietnam honoring patriots scheduled for Sep.10

(VOVWORLD) -The Glory of Vietnam ceremony will take place this Saturday to honor the national spirit, the love of the Fatherland, heroes, role model, and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements in the patriotic emulation movement and national construction and defense, the organizers said on Wednesday. 
Glory Vietnam honoring patriots scheduled for Sep.10  - ảnh 1Organizers inform the press of the Glory of Vietnam ceremony on September 7, 2022. Photo: VOV

The program was directed by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in coordination with the Central Committee for Emulation and Reward, and organized by Lao Dong Newspaper.

7 collectives and 6 individuals honored this year showed their aspiration to rise up, overcome difficulties, bravely sacrifice for the peaceful life of the people. Many individuals and units have become an inspiration to spread positive energy in society with a desire to rise up, build a more prosperous and happier society.

Vice President of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Ngo Duy Hieu, spoke at a press briefing on Wednesday. “The program will honor very young people but they shine up with Vietnamese aspiration and stamina. They will inspire other youngsters to mobilize joint efforts and confidence to promote national development,” he said.  

The Vietnam Glory Program has been held 17 times and honored 163 individuals and 95 organizations.