Government office announces outcomes of monthly meeting

(VOVworld) –Nguyen Van Nen, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office says China’s illegal placement of the oil rig Haiyang 981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone is a violation of Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty and of international law.

Government office announces outcomes of monthly meeting - ảnh 1
Minister and Government Office Chairman Nguyen Van Nien (Photo: VOV)

At a Thursday press briefing in Hanoi for the monthly government meeting for May, Nen said the Prime Minister has directed relevant agencies to demand that China  withdraw its drilling rig from Vietnam’s waters. He added that Vietnam is preparing to sue China’s illegal placement of its oil rig in an international court. But in the current situation, fishermen are the most effective force for safeguarding the national waters. Nen said: “cabinet members have agreed to provide loans to fishermen at a preferential rate of 3% for 10 years to build new ships and vessels made of iron for offshore fishing. The loans will be secured by the ships. The ships will be insured. This will make fishermen feel secure to fish offshore and defend national sovereignty.

Lieutenant-general Hoang Kong Tu, an official of the Ministry of Public Security, said as soon as the unrests took place, the Ministry took steps to protect the assets and personal safety of foreign investors. Investigation, administrative punishments, and prosecution of violators have been conducted. Lieutenant-general Hoang Kong Tu said: “a series of measures have been implemented. We have called on the public to follow the Party and government’s directions and policy, and not be incited by malefactors. Security forces have been strengthened in economic zones and export processing zones to ensure the security of business assets, and the safety of businessmen and workers.

Meanwhile, Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said border trade with China remained normal, with Vietnam’s imports and exports, especially of agricultural produce, still climbing in May. But Vietnam needs to diversify its markets to Russia, Japan, and Africa to reduce trade dependence on China.