Hai Phong attracted 26 billion USD of FDI in 2013

(VOVworld) – Hai Phong city attracted more than 26 billion USD of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2013. There are 400 companies investing in the city, including Bridgestone, Nipro, Fuji Xerox, GE, Posco and LG. Japan tops the list of 29 foreign investors in Hai Phong. It is followed by the Republic of Korea and China. FDI focuses on such areas of real estate, industrial zone’s infrastructure, urban development, and recreational facilities. Dan Duc Hiep, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong city People’s Committee, says the city continues to make full use of its advantages to attract FDI:“This year and the years to come, Hai Phong will continue to attract more foreign investors. In line with the cooperation plans adopted by the governments of Vietnam and Japan, we hope that there will be more Japanese enterprises and others to do business in Hai Phong”.

Hai Phong attracted 26 billion USD of FDI in 2013  - ảnh 1
LG group is building a factory in Hai Phong