Indian media condemns Chinese action in Vietnamese EEZ

(VOVWORLD) - Beijing should not conduct any activities that would complicate the situation in the East Sea and violate Vietnam’s sovereign rights in the Vanguard Bank area, according to maritime affairs experts in India’s Economic Times. 

The newspaper said China’s survey ship Haiyang Dizhi-8, together with escorts, have been operating in the Vanguard Bank which sits within Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. The incident signals Beijing’s unwillingness to adhere to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), noted the experts.

While India, the US, the European Union, Australia and other regional powers have expressed concern over the situation in the East Sea and the unilateral actions in the Vanguard Bank area, global powers including India, which has considerable stake in the ASEAN region, must speak up and use available platforms  to voice concern over unilateral actions by China, the Economic Times said.

Meanwhile, the Times of India carried an interview with the Vietnamese ambassador to India, Pham Sanh Chau, in which he said China is trying to transform undisputed waters into disputed waters. Mr. Chau said Vietnam will use all peaceful means as set out by international law to protect its legitimate rights.