International Communist Parties extend greetings to Vietnam’s 13th National Party Congress

(VOVWORLD) - Over the past few days, Vietnam has received greetings for its 13th National Party Congress from parties, organizations, foreign missions and international friends. By Tuesday, it had received 298 congratulatory letters from 149 parties, 6 international organizations, 93 friendship associations, 25 foreign missions, and 16 individuals from 92 countries.
International Communist Parties extend greetings to Vietnam’s 13th National Party Congress - ảnh 1The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam is held from January 25 to February 2 in Hanoi

The messages embrace friendship, solidarity and cooperation with the Vietnamese Party, State and people and wishes for the Party Congress’ success.

In its congratulation letter, the Communist Party of Russia wrote the Communist Party of Vietnam is a role model in the struggle for national freedom and socialism. Realizing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, the Vietnamese Communist Party upheld the flag for socialism and has been the leading force for society. Under the leadership of the Party, Vietnam has moved forward steadily attaining achievements and making Vietnam one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

The Communist Party of France says Vietnam always represents the voice of peace and stability in the world. During the last 100 years, the Communist Party of France has stood side by side and closely followed Vietnam’s struggles and its Party Congresses. In the future, the two Parties will honor President Ho Chi Minh, the founder and the leader of the two Parties. They will together work for a world of justice, prosperity and peace.

The Communist Party of India wrote Vietnam has become a country developing in all fields. Vietnam’s success in national renewal and reforms in economics and politics based on the socialist oriented market economy has brought Vietnam comprehensive success. Vietnam’s social and political stability has been enhanced while Vietnam’s contributions to regional and global forums have received international praise. India hopes that the political outcomes of the Congress will affect the development of socialism in Vietnam based on Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought.

The Communist Party of Japan says “the Vietnamese people’s heroic struggle for independence and freedom and its historic victory has contributed to building peace in Asia and the world. We wish the Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam great success to continue the national renewal, improve people’s lives, safeguard the nation, and develop the economy.’