International media upbeat about Vietnam’s economy

(VOVWORLD) - Foreign press agencies ran articles last week featuring Vietnam’s efforts to maintain economic growth and stability.

According to the articles, although Vietnam's economy faced many challenges last year amid global economic instability, high inflation, and disrupted supply chains, it maintained a growth rate of 5.05% with a medium-term outlook considered positive.

HSBC reported that Vietnam's economy is seen as "cautiously optimistic" in the overall picture of the region. Vietnam's economy persistently overcame difficulties, its growth recovered, and its economic situation improved in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Sharing this assessment, Bloomberg said Vietnam's economy grew faster than expected in the last quarter of last year, thanks to exports and an increase in production and investment.

Vietnam is one of five countries that acts as an economic connection factor in a divided world thanks to its balanced policies, attracting many foreign investors in the context of an unstable global environment, it added. 

Digital News Asia, an independent news portal that covers the ICT ecosystem, reported that Vietnam has positive medium-term prospects, as its new support policy measures will likely be effective in the second half of 2024.

Shantanu Chakraborty, ADB Director in Vietnam, said, “Commodities in many of these countries which don’t have robust domestic demand have been more resilient in terms of economic growth and maintaining the momentum of the economy, but countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand have, of course, suffered more in the recent few months.”