International Press Conference: Vietnam determined to reject China’s slanders

International Press Conference: Vietnam determined to reject China’s slanders  - ảnh 1

(VOVworld)- Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an international press conference in Hanoi on Monday to brief on recent developments in the East Sea since China illegally placed oil rig Haiyang 981 in Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf. This was the fifth press conference that the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry has held. It drew great attention from international media houses.

In his address, the Vice Chairman of the National Border Committee Tran Duy Hai said since China’s illegal placement of its oil rig 40 days ago, China has not shown a cooperative spirit but has instead increased activities which caused escalating tension. China circulated a note to the UN blaming Vietnam for creating tensions in the East Sea. Over the past few days, China has accused Vietnam of ramming Chinese coast guard vessels and said a Vietnamese fishing vessel had sunk because it had hit a Chinese ship. Mr. Hai says:“Most people and many reporters here are all aware of what the truth is. Many people have witnessed Chinese ships’ aggressive acts. China’s actions not only violate international law on prohibiting the use of and threats to use force but were also inhumane acts committed against Vietnamese fishermen”.

Mr. Hai reiterated that Vietnam is determined to reject China’s claims of sovereignty over the Hoang Sa archipelago, which China calls Xisha. Mr. Hai also quoted several historical documents proving that China doesn’t have sovereignty over Hoang Sa and that Vietnam has true sovereignty based on the principle of actual, continuous and peaceful possession of the State title according to international law.

Ha Le, Deputy Head of the Fishery Resources Surveillance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, informed reporters about the situation in the East Sea since May 1. While normally working in Vietnam’s traditional fishing area in Hoang Sa, Vietnamese fishing ships have been chased and intimidated by Chinese ships hundreds of times. Many Vietnamese ships were damaged and many fishermen have been injured.

Deputy Commander of Vietnam’s Marine Police, Ngo Ngoc Thu, rejected the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s claims at a press conference on June 3 that Vietnamese ships had rammed and hit Chinese ships 1547 times and damaged their prows: “We reject the distorted and groundless assertion. At the sea, only Chinese ships intentionally hit and fired water cannons at Vietnamese ships. From May 3 until now, 15 officials from the Vietnamese marine resources surveillance force and 2 fishermen have been injured. We have sufficient evidence and images of Chinese ships ramming Vietnamese ships.”

The spokesperson from the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry once again said Vietnam requested China to respect international law, stop its violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty and sovereign rights in Vietnam’s EEZ and continental shelf. Vietnam asks China to resolve all disputes, including territorial disputes and marine jurisdiction, by peaceful measures, abiding by international law including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.