Israel approves 2,200 settlement homes in West Bank

(VOVWORLD) - Israeli authority approved plans for nearly 2,200 settlement homes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.
Israel approves 2,200 settlement homes in West Bank - ảnh 1Israel's resettlement homes in the West Bank (photo: Reuters) 

The plans, which include three new settlement industrial zones in the West Bank, were approved by Israel's Higher Planning Committee, a government body in charge of such projects. Some 1,160 housing units were faced with the final major hurdle before the building permits can be issued, and 1,030 other housing units were at the first stage of the approval process. The plan also includes the building of 3 industrial parks in the West Bank. The settlements are an important issue among the right-wing constituency amid the ruling coalition's decision to dissolve the parliament and hold early elections on April 9, 2019.