Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood face criminal prosecution

Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood face criminal prosecution - ảnh 1
Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide Mohamed Badie. Photo: www.presstv.ir

Egyptian Prosecutor General Hesham Barakat on Sunday transferred profiles of Muslim Brotherhood’s top leader Mohamed Badie and 14 others to the criminal court for the charges of taking part into violence, murder and terrorism. Badie and 6 other leaders of the MB are facing accusation of inciting murder in the conflicts on June 30 in front of MB headquarter in Moqattam district, Cairo. The same day, a joint committee started examining asset declarations of Mohamed Morsi and his family members. The joint committee is scheduled to conclude its job within the next 2 days. The Constitutional Amendments Committee of 50 members which represents all political forces, religious groups and social classes convened the first meeting to consider controversial clauses. This has been the third time within nearly 3 years, Egypt undertakes constitutional amendments. In Sunday’s meeting, former Secretary General of the Arab League and former presidential candidate, Amr Moussa, was elected the committee’s Chairman.