Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to debut on September 16

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese social network “Lotus” will officially be launched next Monday, the Vietnam Communications Corporation (VCCorp) announced at a press briefing in Hanoi.

The social network allows users to share information through various formats such as videos, blogs, photos, books, and music. Lotus has cooperated with more than 500 content creators and 30 political commentary sites such as VOV and People's Army Newspaper.

"Lotus is a social network that goes in a different direction with content as its focus. Users socialize by connecting with people having like fields of interest. For example, anyone interested in solar energy will follow those providing information about this issue. I hope Lotus will make a positive impact on the digital world," said VCCorp’s general director Nguyen The Tan.

Lotus is another made-in-Vietnam social network, along with Zalo. It is named after Vietnam’s national flower which symbolizes Vietnam’s determination and strong will.

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