Marking the 25th anniversary of Vietnam’s ratification of the 1982 UNCLOS

(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam ratified the 1982 UN Convention of the Law of the Sea 25 years ago on July 27, 1994.  

The UNCLOS with its 17 sections, 320 articles and 9 appendixes, has become an important legal basis for regulating maritime issues as well as an important legal instrument for settling and dealing with sea-related disputes. Aware of the significance of the sea, Vietnam has made considerable efforts in implementing the convention and upheld the purposes and objectives of the UNCLOS. Vietnam together with many states were the pioneering states in developing the concept of exclusive economic zone, contributing to the development and consolidation of the practice of states, which later on became an important institution of the UNCLOS.Vietnam has harmonised its sea-related laws with the provisions of the UNCLOS. Vietnam’s policy to settle the sea and insular disputes through peaceful means on the basis of the international law and the UNCLOS is a clear statement that Vietnam is a responsible member of the international community, respects and complies with international law, including the UNCLOS.

On the basis of the consistent policy to settle through peaceful means sea-related disputes and disagreements, Vietnam has made significant efforts in effectively applying the UNCLOS to settle disputes related to maritime delimitation with neighbouring countries in accordance with the principle of equity in order to reach an acceptable solution. In this current context of complicated disputes in the East Sea, respecting and fully complying with the 1982 UN Convention of the Law of the Sea are important to ensure peace, stability, security, freedom of navigation and safety in the region.