Media plays vital role in businesses’ technological innovations

(VOVworld) – Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan highlighted the media’s important role in promoting businesses’ technological innovations in international integration at a seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday. Minster Quan said IT application in Vietnam’s business and production remains modest, noting that technological innovations are of great importance to narrowing the IT application gap between Vietnam and other countries around the world in the coming years.

Media plays vital role in businesses’ technological innovations  - ảnh 1
Minister Nguyen Quan speaks at the seminar.

He acknowledged the media’ role in raising businesses’ awareness on the importance of technological innovations, adding that his ministry is compiling a circular to tighten the control of the imports of old technological equipment, and to warn businesses over importing second-hand technological equipment and machines. Representatives of Vietnamese businesses agreed that technological innovations are crucial to businesses in Vietnam’s international integration.