NATO Foreign Ministers convene informal meeting in Berlin

(VOVWORLD) - NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs on Saturday convened an informal meeting in Berlin to discuss Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine and the bloc’s new Strategic Concept. Finland and Sweden participate as special guests at the meeting.

According to the German Foreign Ministry, NATO Foreign Ministers discussed how further support can be provided to Ukraine and the conclusions NATO must draw for its own security from Russia’s special military operation.

NATO’s Strategic Concept is the Alliance’s most important policy document. It covers a large number of issues, ranging from NATO’s approach to countries such as Russia, China, and deterrence and defence to other security-related challenges such as cyberattacks, hybrid threats and the nexus between climate change and security.

The meeting also debated the desires of Finland and Sweden to become NATO members. The countries have been supported by a majority of NATO countries.

In his doorstep statement after the meeting, Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Korcok said, in addition to calling for more military aid to Ukraine, Slovakia supports the membership of Finland and Sweden.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevics said that NATO will find a rensible solution to accept Finland and Sweden as new members to the alliance despite Turkish concerns.