New US sanctions target Russian gold imports, defense industry

(VOVWORLD) - The US Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed sanctions on more than 100 individuals and entities who are said to be critical to Russia's defense industry in an effort to hinder Russia's ability to develop and deploy weapons and military technology. 
New US sanctions target Russian gold imports, defense industry - ảnh 1Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (Photo: AFP)

The move freezes any US assets of those designated and generally bars Americans from dealing with them. The importation of gold of Russian Federation origin into the US is also prohibited.

The same day, the US Department of State imposed sanctions on an additional 45 entities and 29 individuals including Russian military units. More than 500 Russian military officers and a number of other Russian officials will suffer visa restrictions under the sanction.

The moves are the latest sanctions the US has imposed on Russia since it began “special military operations” in Ukraine in late February.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday that US President Joe Biden's wife and daughter are now banned from Russia, along with 23 other Americans in reaction to the steadily expanding list of US sanctions against Russian political and public figures.