No breakthrough in 'Normandy' talks on Ukraine

(VOVWORLD) - Presidential advisers from Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany met in Paris for more than eight hours to discuss the Ukraine conflict. They achieved no breakthrough, but promised to meet in Berlin for new talks in two weeks.

No breakthrough in 'Normandy' talks on Ukraine  - ảnh 1Russia's chief negotiator, Dmitry Kozak (L) and adviser Yermak at a press briefing following talks in Paris, France on January 26, 2022. Photo: AFP

Russia's chief negotiator, Dmitry Kozak, told reporters on Wednesday that many issues concerning a peace settlement in eastern Ukraine remained unresolved after eight hours of talks.

The diplomats who met for the 'Normandy talks' issued a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to the ceasefire agreed in the so-called Minsk accords and expressing their hope that differences can be narrowed.

In the statement, published on the website of the French president, all parties said they support unconditional compliance with the ceasefire reached on July 22, 2020, despite differences on other issues related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.