Nuclear deal doesn’t affect Iran’s military capability

Nuclear deal doesn’t affect Iran’s military capability  - ảnh 1
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
(VOVworld) - Iran's military capability has not been affected by its nuclear deal last month with six world powers. President Hassan Rouhani said on a live TV program on Saturday said with regards to Iran’s defensive capability, the country did not and will not accept any limitations.
Last week, Iran unveiled a new surface-to-surface missile it said could strike targets with pinpoint accuracy within a range of 500 km.
He said Iran's crude oil production stands at 2.9 million barrels per day, an increase of 200,000 bpd since he took office in 2013. Iran's oil output fell sharply in 2012 when new international sanctions targeted Tehran's crude exports. Those sanctions are due to be lifted in the coming months as part of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers reached last month.

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