Photo exhibit on Truong Sa to open in Hanoi

(VOVworld) - As many as 100 photos will be showcased at an exhibition themed “A Truong Sa inside Hanoi” from this Saturday to January 3, 2017.

Photo exhibit on Truong Sa to open in Hanoi - ảnh 1
Da Tay B island of Truong Sa district

The event, part of the program named “Green Truong Sa”, calls for public support for soldiers and residents on Truong Sa island district and the DK 1 Platform. Other exhibits include Truong Sa’s square-fruit Malabar Almond trees, flags, post cards and books of poetry.

The exhibition highlights the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands and Vietnam’s sovereignty over the two archipelagos to Hanoians, and foreign visitors. It also helps promote patriotism and love for the country’s sea and islands.

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