Political parties of Russia, India, Japan congratulate 13th National Party Congress

(VOVWORLD) - Political parties of Russia, India, and Japan have sent congratulatory letters to Vietnam on the occasion of the ongoing 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).
Political parties of Russia, India, Japan congratulate 13th National Party Congress - ảnh 1

In its message, the United Russia Party said that the 13th congress is not only an important milestone in Vietnam’s Party and State building cause, but also lays a foundation to continue developing the country’s economy, consolidating political stability and expanding international relations, for happiness and prosperity of Vietnamese people.

The effective cooperation between the United Russia Party and the CPV will continue to develop, contributing to fostering the Vietnam-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership, it added.

In its greeting letter, A Just Russia party also affirmed that the 13th congress is an extremely important event for the CPV and the Vietnamese people.

The reliable partnership between Vietnam and Russia, which has been nurtured by generations of leaders and peoples of the two countries and challenged through years, is a valuable asset that needs to be maintained and developed.

The National People's Party of India affirmed in its message that the India-Vietnam relationship has been lifted to a new height, with both countries setting forth a common vision on peace and prosperity.

The India-Vietnam comprehensive strategic partnership is a step forward in this vision, the party said.

Meanwhile, through its congratulatory letter, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) extended its gratitude to Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and other Vietnamese leaders for their contributions to strengthening friendship between the two countries as well as between the LDP and CPV.

Fostering the sustainable development of the two parties’ relations will serve as a foundation for the two countries’ friendship as well as the strong development of the Japan-Vietnam extensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia, added the LDP.

In its message, the  Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle said it understands clearly the strategic significance and importance of this congress to the CPV and Vietnam’s development.

It expressed its belief that the congress will be successful and generate positive outcomes for the making of guidelines and strategies for national development, which will be a solid foundation for Vietnam’s development.

Affirming that Vietnam has continually obtained prosperity and progress for its people under the CPV’s leadership, in its congratulatory message, the People’s Action Party of Singapore wrote that it believes the CPV will continue developing Vietnam to new levels.

Meanwhile, the National League for Democracy of Myanmar congratulated the CPV on the latter’s exceptional resolve and great achievements throughout the 90 years of fighting and scarifying for the sake of the Vietnamese Fatherland and people.

It wished the CPV a brilliant success on the path to its centenary.

The Mongolian People’s Party noted that the CPV’s 13th National Congress is a historic event that will herald a new phase of development and growth in Vietnam, and wished the friendship and cooperation between the two parties and countries to prosper.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement highly valued efforts by the CPV to serve the people and lead Vietnam to stronger development, noting that it always attaches importance to the friendship between Vietnam and Palestine.

For its part, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela also wished the CPV’s 13th National Congress a great success to uphold the immortal legacy of late President Ho Chi Minh and the creative “Doi moi” (renewal) policy of the Vietnamese revolution.

It also spoke highly of millions of Vietnamese’s engagement in discussing and giving opinions on the draft documents submitted to the congress, which has strongly and clearly reflected the Vietnamese people’s right to mastery.

In its message, the Socialist Party of Argentina said Vietnam remains a lighthouse for the struggle for equality, universal rights, peace, and justice in the world.

It offered congratulations on the successes in the preparation for the congress, as well as the discussion of and gathering of public opinions on the documents submitted to the event.

In its message, the Popular Socialist Party of Mexico (PPS) spoke highly of Vietnam’s achievements and agreed with Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s statement that Vietnam now has the best-ever fortune, potential, position and prestige on the international arena.

The PPS highly valued the Vietnamese Party and State’s people-centred policies as well as their promotion of the citizens’ right to mastery following the late President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching.
The Communist Party of Brazil said the CPV has promoted and ensured the Vietnamese people’s right to freedom and democracy during the socio-economic development process.

After 35 years of renewal and 30 years of implementing the Political Platform on national construction, it could be affirmed that the road chosen by Vietnam is right, the party said.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Chile wrote that President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings on freedom and independence has left a deep imprint on the heart of generations of Chilean communist fighters and people, adding that his thought now still stays with the struggle for peace, self-reliance, equality and national liberation.