Protests in the US for immigration reform

 Protests in the US for immigration reform  - ảnh 1

Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL) is arrested by U.S. Capitol Police after blocking First Street NW in front of the U.S. Capitol with fellow supporters of immigration reform, in Washington, DC. Last week, House Democrats introduced their own immigration reform bill. Photo: Getty Images

(VOVworld)- Thousands of Americans took part in a protest Tuesday demanding that the House of Representatives take up immigration reform that will allow 11 million laborers to work legally and begin a 13-year naturalization process.  Police arrested some protesters, including 8 Congressmen, in front of the US Capitol. In June, the US Senate, led by the Democratic Party approved an immigration bill by a vote of 68 to 32. But the House of Representatives, led by the Republicans, drafted another bill, saying the previous bill was too loose.

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