Reputable people from border, sea and island areas honored

(VOVWORLD) - 200 delegates from 47 ethnic groups living in border and island areas were honored at a program in Hanoi on Sunday.

Reputable people from border, sea and island areas honored - ảnh 1Certificates of merit are presented to reputable people in border, sea and island areas, June 17, 2024. (Photo: VNA)

The second edition of the “Village fulcrums” program recognized the important contributions reputable people in the community have made to new-style rural building and national defense movements.

Addressing the event, Politburo member Luong Cuong said reputable ethnic minority people are outstanding individuals with a deep understanding of local culture, customs, and practices who are respected by their community.

He said the Party and State always pay special attention to mobilizing and promoting the role of reputable people in building great national unity.

Mr. Cuong called on village elders, religious dignitaries, and other prestigious people to continue to uphold their exemplary roles and responsibility for their families and communities.