Robots disinfect rooms in Ho Chi Minh City

(VOVWORLD) - A robot to clean and disinfect rooms of quarantined areas has been put into operation at the field hospital in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. 
Robots disinfect rooms in Ho Chi Minh City  - ảnh 1

Researchers check a 3D printer in the Eastern People's Military Hospital. The hospital is making a disinfectant robot to clean quarantine rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: provided by the Eastern People's Military Hospital).

The robot is developed by a team of researchers from the Eastern People's Military Hospital under the order of Ho Chi Minh City’s Health Department to care for people in the city’s quarantine centers, health clinics and hospitals. The robot is operated by the medical staff through 3G network or the internet. 

The city’s Health Department is planning to provide the robots to all the hospitals where COVID-19 patients are treated.