Russia, NATO likely to meet next month to address tensions

(VOVWORLD) - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has sought a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on January 12 and is in talks with Moscow to secure its attendance to discuss developments in Ukraine.
Russia, NATO likely to meet next month to address tensions  - ảnh 1NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. (Photo:

Stoltenberg said NATO is ready for negotiations with Russia but will never compromise on Ukraine's right to choose its own path and apply to join NATO or on the right of NATO countries to defend their allies.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed on Friday that Moscow had received an offer from Brussels related to the Russia-NATO Council meeting. 

Zakharova reiterated that Russia is ready for a direct dialogue on security safeguards which will keep NATO from advancing eastward and deploying weapons near Russia's borders. She said these are vital issues for Russia.

The NATO-Russia Council was established in 2002 as a mechanism for consultation, consensus-building, cooperation, joint decision, and joint action. Its first meeting took place in July 2019.