Russia to stop air strikes on opposition groups in Syria

(VOVworld) – The Russian air force will stop air strikes on opposition armed forces in Syria. The information is specified in the annex of the Russia-US joint statement on the enforcement of a ceasefire in Syria, with the end to hostilities set to come into force on 27 February. The ceasefire is subject to agreement between the warring parties.

Russia to stop air strikes on opposition groups in Syria - ảnh 1
Still image taken from aerial footage released by Russia's Defence Ministry on February 11, 2016, shows airstrikes, carried out by the country's air force and hitting what the Defence Ministry says was Islamic State command post, in Idlib, Syria. Reuters/Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation/Handout via Reuters
It also says that Syrian aircraft must stop air strikes with any kinds of weapons on opposition groups. The agreement states violations of the ceasefire will be reported by a hotline to a special task force co-chaired by America and Russia which will have the power to determine whether a group can no longer be deemed party to the agreement, and so once again open to military attack.
All opposition groups signing up to the ceasefire will not only cease to use weapons or gain territory, but will also allow “rapid safe and unhindered” access to humanitarian convoys in areas under their control.
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