Seoul condemns Pyoungyang for violating inter-Korean agreement

(VOVworld) - South Korea formally condemned North Korea Monday for unilaterally revising regulations on the minimum wage for its workers at an inter-Korean industrial complex in the border town of Kaesong.

Seoul condemns Pyoungyang for violating inter-Korean agreement - ảnh 1
North Korean workers in a South Korean factory at inter-Korean industrial complex in Kaesong (Photo: AP)

On the weekend, the North announced its decision to remove the 5-percent per year cap on wage increases for its 53,000 workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex. South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Lim Byeong-cheol said it is regrettable that the North has violated the inter-Korean agreement on the operation of the joint venture. Mr. Lim said North's Korea’s authorities have not officially informed South Korea of its decision on the matter and Seoul will take appropriate steps to deal with this development.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye said North Korea’s nuclear program is the major factor causing disorder in Northeast Asia, dividing the Korean peninsula and threatening world peace. Speaking at the World Policy Conference in Seoul, Ms. Park Geun-hye said North Korea’s weak economic development while at the same time developing nuclear weapons is contradictory and irrational.