Some 800 Vietnamese people evacuated to Romania from Ukraine

(VOVWORLD) - About 800 Vietnamese people had been safely evacuated to Romania from Ukraine as of Sunday morning.
Some 800 Vietnamese people evacuated to Romania from Ukraine - ảnh 1Some Vietnamese people, who evacuated from Ukraine, gather at a train station in Bucharest, Romania. (Photo: VNA)

However, the actual number may be higher because many people do not contact the Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese associations in Romania.

The embassy has helped bring 190 people from Moldova to Romania during the first “repatriation" journey.

The embassy and the Association of Vietnamese People in Romania have supported hundreds of Vietnamese nationals from Ukraine to enter Romania to wait for a flight to Vietnam or to go to other countries.

To facilitate entry into Romania, the embassy and Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs have informed those who want to evacuate from Ukraine with necessary information on the media as well as on social networks. The embassy also helped solve all the problems relating to lacking identity papers for them.

Vietnamese Embassies in neighbouring countries, including Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova have also been doing their best to assist Vietnamese people to evacuate from fighting zones and provide them with temporary accommodations and necessities.

Two flights repatriating Vietnamese people from Ukraine are expected to depart from Romania and Poland next week.