Syria: rebel groups unaware of ceasefire agreement

(VOVworld) – Turkish media announced on Wednesday that Turkey and Russia have agreed a ceasefire for all of Syria that should come into force at midnight Thursday, but neither rebel groups nor the Syrian government haven confirmed the information. 
Syria: rebel groups unaware of ceasefire agreement - ảnh 1
Rebel groups in a fight against Syrian army in Teir Maalah village, Homs province (Source: AFP/VNA)
Labib Nahhas, head of foreign relations for the Ahrar al-Sham group, said the agreement still faces some obstacles. Mr. Nahhas said the rebel groups are aware of the discussion between Russia and Turkey on the ceasefire deal, but have not made any comment, and reckon the deal is not reasonable. The Syrian army has been trying to expel rebel groups from Eastern Ghouta in recent months to ensure security in areas around the capital city Damascus. This would be considered a big victory for the army, similar to the one in Aleppo.

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