Telecommunications to be ensured for APEC 2017

(VOVWORLD) - The telecommunications sector and telecom firms have worked closely to ensure smooth communications for APEC Economic Leaders’ Week.
Telecommunications to be ensured for APEC 2017 - ảnh 1 Tao Duc Thang, Viettel’s Deputy Director General (Photo: VTV) 

Da Nang Post and Telecommunications has improved its network at all APEC locations. The company has invested in 3G and 4G mobile services and deployed In-Building Services (IBS) and 4G services at the press center, the Danang airport, local hotels, and the Son Tra peninsula.

Telecom firms have sped up completion of the telecommunications infrastructure and IT system for all APEC events. Viettel has been chosen to deploy peripheral network infrastructure at 5 event venues.

Tao Duc Thang, Viettel’s Deputy Director General, said: “We have prepared the best personnel and equipment to support communications for the summit. The total international capacity for the event is 6-Gbps transmitted transmitted through 4 cable lines - 3 marine lines and one landline. They will not restrict domestic Internet traffic, and will ensure all Internet, TV, and fixed and mobile telephone services. All infrastructure and IT systems have been carefully checked and tested.”

Viettel plans to post personnel at the event venues around the clock. In May, the group deployed 44 underground transmission cable lines equal to nearly 100km of optical cable.

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