Trump considers ban on China’s Alibaba

(VOVWORLD) - US President Donald Trump said Saturday he is looking into whether Chinese technology giant Alibaba should be banned in the US. 
Trump considers ban on China’s Alibaba - ảnh 1  (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Mr. Trump told a press conference that he wants to exert pressure on Chinese-owned companies, such as by banning the short-video app TikTok from the US.

Last Friday, the US ordered Chinese company ByteDance to divest US operations of TikTok within 90 days because of concerns about the security of users’ personal data.

On Saturday, Mr. Trump issued an executive order prohibiting any acquisition by ByteDance of, now known as TikTok. ByteDance would have to divest any assets used to enable or support the operation of TikTok in the US and also any data obtained from TikTok or users in the US.

The order follows another executive order which required TikTok and WeChat, the messaging app owned by Tencent, to halt all operations in the US.