UN countries urge US to repeal embargos against Cuba

(VOVWORLD) - Representatives of UN member countries Wednesday called for an end to the United States long‑standing economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. 
UN countries urge US to repeal embargos against Cuba - ảnh 1UN General Assembly 2019

At the UN General Assembly’s meeting on the matter, many countries criticized the Trump administration for intensifying sanctions and restrictions against Cuba over the past year. 

A representative for the “Group of 77” developing countries and China, said that the sanctions imposed by the United States have a demonstrably negative effect on the Cuban population, specifically limited foreign investment and difficult access to development credits. A representative of the Non‑Aligned Movement criticized that the US embargos on Cuba have affected many third countries. Some speakers accused the United States of deliberately employing sanctions as a political tool to overthrow the Cuban Government, violating international law concerning the non‑interference in the affairs of sovereign nations. 

Head of the Vietnamese delegation to the UN Dang Dinh Quy said that the US embargos have violated international law and basic principles of the UN Charter. The reality of the relations between Viet Nam and the United States shows that only constructive dialogue and engagement can foster mutual trust and bring positive change,” he added. Quy called on the US to reverse its policies on Cuba for the interests of the Cubans and regional peace, stability, and development.