United Nations General Assembly opens

(VOVWORLD) - A ceremony celebrating the UN’s 75th founding anniversary opened the 75th session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

 United Nations General Assembly opens  - ảnh 1President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir (L) and Secretary‑General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres at a ceremony on September 22, 2020, celebrating the UN’s 75th founding anniversary.(Photo: Khac Hieu/VNA)

Addressing the event, Volkan Bozkir, President of the UN General Assembly, said, "There is no other global organization with the legitimacy, convening power and normative impact as the United Nations. No other global organization gives hope to so many people for a better world. As we enter the seventy-fifth session it is now time to act. I am taking the call for renewed global action seriously."

"The United Nations is only as strong as its members’ commitment to its ideals and each other. It is now time to mobilize your resources, strengthen your efforts and show unprecedented political will and leadership, to ensure the future we want, and the United Nations we need."

Secretary‑General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres underlined the importance of multilateralism in resolving global issues.

"The ideals of the United Nations— peace, justice, equality and dignity — are beacons to a better world. We have a surplus of multilateral challenges and a deficit of multilateral solutions. We need more and more effective multiculturalism with vision, ambition, and impact," he said.

National sovereignty — a pillar of the Charter of the United Nations — goes hand in hand with enhanced international cooperation, based on common values and shared responsibilities for progress, said Mr. Guterres, adding an interconnected world requires a networked multilateralism, in which the UN, international financial institutions, regional organizations, trading blocs and others work together more closely and effectively.  It will also be important to involve civil society, cities, businesses, local authorities and young people, he said.

A joint statement said the world's challenges are closely interrelated and can only be solved through a stronger multilateral system aimed at building a fairer and more sustainable world.

The 75th UN General Assembly High-Level Week, which will take place from September 21 to October 2, will discuss the situation in Lebanon, digital cooperation, climate change, human rights and governance challenges, the COVID-19 epidemic, biodiversity, and the International Day against Nuclear Tests.

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