US and allies to build 'China-free' tech supply chain

(VOVWORLD) - US President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order as early as this month to accelerate efforts to build supply chains for chips and other strategically significant products that are less reliant on China, in partnership with the likes of China’s Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

US and allies to build 'China-free' tech supply chain - ảnh 1Illustrative photo: Reuters

The document will order the development of a national supply chain strategy, and is expected to call for recommendations for supply networks that are less vulnerable to disruptions - such as disasters, and sanctions by unfriendly countries. Measures will focus on semiconductors, electric-vehicle batteries, rare-earth metals and medical products, according to a draft document.

The order states that "working with allies can lead to strong, resilient supply chains," suggesting that international relationships will be central to this plan. Washington is expected to pursue partnerships with Taiwan, Japan and South Korea in chip production and Asia-Pacific economies, including Australia, on rare earths.