US and China accuse each other of cyber-espionage

(VOVworld) – Tensions between the US and China have risen after both nations accused each other of massive cyber-espionage.

US and China accuse each other of cyber-espionage - ảnh 1
The FBI issued a "Wanted" poster for the five Chinese army officers. (Photo: BBC)

A US federal jury in Pittsburg, Pensylvania, on Monday charged Chinese military officials of spying on US enterprises. An announcement from US Attorney General Eric Holder said that the 5 Chinese charged officials worked for the Chinese People‘s Liberation Army (PLA) in Unit 61398, Department 3, and have not been to the US. The US said that these military officials had hacked the computer systems of US enterprises to steal designs of nuclear factory, solar energy production cycles, and trade confidential.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Qin Gang, dismissed US accusations and said that they would jeopardise mutual co-operation and trust between the two countries. Beijing urged Washington to immediately refute the indictment and has suspended US-China working group, set up to discuss cyber problems between the two countries, citing Washington’s lack of confidence in resolving network security through dialogue and co-operation. Beijing warned that it would conduct retaliatory acts if Washington continued to escalate the situation.  

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