US states file suits to block Trump’s new ‘public charge’ immigration rule

(VOVWORLD) - Many US states have filed lawsuits to block the Trump administration from implementing a new rule that would deny permanent residency to legal immigrants if they are judged likely to use government benefit programs. 

President Trump on Monday issued the regulation, called the public charge rule, which is expected to come into effect this October. Under the rule, poor immigrants would be denied green cards if they are deemed likely to use government benefit programs like food stamps and subsidized housing. Officials would also consider an immigrants' age, health, family status, assets, resources, financial status and education. Officials would be given broad leeway to determine whether an immigrant is likely to use public benefits, to deny them a green card and to order them deported. The rule would not apply to people who already have green cards, to certain members of the military, to refugees and asylum-seekers, or to pregnant women and children.