US warship enters East Sea

(VOVWORLD) - US Navy destroyer Wayne E. Meyer sailed near East Sea islands on Wednesday, affirming free access to the waters under international law, according to Commander Reann Mommsen, a spokeswoman for the US Navy's Seventh Fleet, which is based in Japan.

US warship enters East Sea - ảnh 1 (Photo: Reuters) 

A statement by the Pentagon earlier this week accused China of coercive interference in Vietnam’s longstanding oil and gas activities in the East Sea. The statement said the US Department of Defense is greatly concerned by China’s continued violation of international order throughout the Indo-Pacific. China's actions defy the US’s vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region, where all nations, large or small, are secure in their sovereignty, free from coercion, and able to pursue economic interests consistent with accepted international rules and norms.

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