Vesak Day 2019: Buddhist approaches to sustainable development

(VOVWORLD) - Buddhist approaches to global leadership and shared responsibility for a sustainable society topped the agenda at an international seminar on Monday as part of the ongoing UN Day of Vesak 2019 celebration in Vietnam. 
Vesak Day 2019: Buddhist approaches to sustainable development   - ảnh 1Thousands of delegates attend UN Day of Vesak 2019 in Ha Nam province, May 12-14.  

Delegates discussed  solutions to the UN’s sustainable development goals, centering around mindful leadership for sustainable peace, global education in ethics, harmonious families, healthcare and sustainable society, and responsible consumption.

“I think the topic Buddhism to shared responsibility for sustainable development comes at a high time because now in the world of modernization we are using all the materials and we don’t leave anything for the future. So by this topic, I think we preserve something for our future generations,” said Venerable Dorji Dukpa of Buhtan.

Vesak Day 2019: Buddhist approaches to sustainable development   - ảnh 2 Tam Chuc pagoda hosts the third UN Vesak Day in Vietnam.

Delegates highlighted aspects of Buddhist ideology relating to environmental protection. They said that Buddhism is not only a religion but also provides guidelines for people to lead a decent and peaceful way of life.

“The theme for this year’s Vesak is very important: sustainability. Buddhist traditions and Buddhist teachings have a lot of offers to the forests, to the globe through our time of history. This is the time when sustainable growth and sustainability are vital for the survival of not only Buddhists but all humanity. So the great gift by Buddhism to the planet is the teaching of Buddha. Everything is connected. Inside this teaching is the only thing that can save us,” said Venerable Rev Myozan Kodo of Ireland.

Vesak Day 2019: Buddhist approaches to sustainable development   - ảnh 3 Tam Chuc pagoda.

UN Day of Vesak 2019 is taking place at Tam Chuc pagoda in the northern province of Ha Nam from Sunday to Tuesday, bringing together more than 1,600 foreign delegates from 112 countries and territories and over 20,000 Vietnamese Buddhist dignitaries and followers. This is the third time Vietnam has hosted the UN event.