Vietnam acts for the people’s interests

(VOVWORLD) - Taking a people-centered approach is a lesson learned from Vietnam’s “Doi Moi” (Renewal) period, according to documents of the 13th National Party Congress.

Vietnam acts for the people’s interests - ảnh 1(Photo: VOV)

People are always the core of Party and State affairs. The people’s mastery is always respected and promoted. The slogan ‘People know, people discuss, people do, and people monitor’ is always honored. The Party and State always act for the people’s greatest benefit.

According to Doctor Nghiem Vu Khai, former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, “people supervise, people benefit” is a new idea from the political report of the 13th National Party Congress, which boldly reflects democracy and socialism. The idea is deeply integrated into the building of a law-governed socialist state of the people, by the people, and for the people.

“The people enjoy the benefits of democracy and mastery. They are allowed to participate in political activities, perfect the political system, and improve the leadership via direct democracy and representative democracy. The people are involved in policy making and enforcement. They get benefits from and hold responsibility for such policies. This creates the power of solidarity and connects them with the Party and State management agencies. The people as the masters make Vietnam’s political system perfect,” said Doctor Khai.

Vietnam acts for the people’s interests - ảnh 2A rice ATM in Long Xuyen city, An Giang province, feeds those in difficulties during the pandemic. (Photo: VNA)

Associate Professor Doctor Hoang Van Cuong, Vice President of the National Economics University (NEU), said everything the Party does is in the people’s interest. “The idea that ‘people benefit’ makes people the beneficiaries of every action and goal of the Party. The performance of management agencies is measured by the people’s satisfaction. We take the people as the center of all programs and serve the people as well as we can,” according to Doctor Cuong.

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