Vietnam attends UN peacekeeping meeting

(VOVworld) - A delegation of Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defense attended the United Nations Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial meeting in London in the UK on Thursday, together with defense ministers and officials from 75 countries. 
Vietnam attends UN peacekeeping meeting - ảnh 1

Deputy Defence Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh (L) at the meeting with Earl Howe, Minister of State for the UK's Defence Ministry on September 7 (Photo: VNA)

Deputy Defense Minister Sen. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh, who led the Vietnamese delegation, said the participants agreed on the UN’s reviews of countries’ contributions to the UN peacekeeping forces. They approved a joint statement with a view to promoting the UN missions’ peacekeeping capacity as well as international cooperation in this sphere. At the meeting, Vietnam called on UN peacekeepers to prioritize the issue of humanity, helping local people in efforts for national reconstruction beyond simply ensuring peace. Vietnam also asked for enhanced international cooperation and mutual support, especially assistance for newcomers to peacekeeping operations like itself, the deputy minister said. 

The Vietnamese delegation also met with officials from other countries, such as the deputy defense minister of Japan and the defense ministers of Indonesia, Cambodia and China.