Vietnam has no “prisoners of conscience”

Vietnam has no “prisoners of conscience” - ảnh 1
Spokesman of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Le Hai Binh
(VOVworld) – Spokesman of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Le Hai Binh, answered reporters’ question about Vietnam’s response to the US State Department’s press release relating to the sentence on Le Quoc Quan. The Hanoi People’s Court of Appeals confirmed a 30-month jail sentence and fined him 1.2 billion VND for tax evasion on February 18. Mr. Binh said: "The statement by the spokesperson from the US State Department is inappropriate because it intervenes in Vietnam’s internal affairs. In Vietnam, there is no recognition of the term “prisoners of conscience”. All law violators will be tried under the law."

Mr. Binh also spoke to reporters about Vietnam’s response to the US approval of the Farm Bill 2014, which included a program to monitor catfish production and the requirements for production and the packing process to meet the same standards as those of the US. "In recent years, Vietnam has always strictly monitored fishery production and processing including the application of the latest international standards, such as the US’ Best Agriculture Practices, BAP. Vietnam has ensured food safety and hygiene and environmental protection. Vietnam’s tra fish has been popular in many foreign countries. We are concerned that the new regulations in the Farm Bill 2014 will negatively impact Vietnam’s fishery production and processing as well as American consumers. The new regulations should abide by the US’ international commitments and not raising trade barriers."

Concerning information that a Vietnamese-Cambodian man had been beaten to death in Cambodia, Mr. Binh said Vietnam denounced all activities which ignited racism. Vietnam has asked Cambodian functional agencies to investigate and punish the criminal and provide the necessary measures to avoid the targeting of Vietnamese people in Cambodia. Binh said a suspect criminal had been arrested.