Vietnam Online Marketing Forum introduces latest e-commerce trends

(VOVWORLD) - Hundreds of businesses in e-commerce, tourism, banking, insurance, finance, and real estate are attending the 2019 Vietnam Online Marketing Forum which opened in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Vietnam Online Marketing Forum introduces latest e-commerce trends - ảnh 1(Photo: VNA) 

The forum focuses on four topics: reality and trend, plans and how to realize them, smart marketing, and understanding the boom. Vietnamese and foreign experts at the forum kept businesses updated with the latest e-commerce trends, helping them define a proper online marketing scheme to expand their markets.

Currently, internet users comprise about half of Vietnam’s population. Vietnam is among the top countries in ASEAN for internet use. Its e-commerce market is expected to hit 8 billion USD in 2020. Vietnam’s e-commerce is considered lucrative for domestic firms, especially startups.

Cao Xuan Hoai Vuong, Director of Unica-one, Vietnam’s online learning system, said: “Vietnamese companies, especially providers of online devices, should offer a variety of solutions and be more competitive in this open market. As a leader of Unica, which is offering numerous online marketing products, I look forward to the Government’s preferential policies for businesses to access the best available marketing products.”

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