Vietnam works hard to recover from post-war UXO

(VOVWORLD) - A great amount of unexploded ordnance (UXO), bombs, and mines are scattering along Vietnam, a war-torn country. Statistics showed that by the end of 2020, Vietnam had 5,640 million hectares, 17% of its natural soil, contaminated by bombs and mines.
Vietnam works hard to recover from post-war UXO  - ảnh 1A bomb left over from the war is retrieved from the Red River in Hanoi. (Photo:

Vietnam has been working hard over years to address post-war UXO consequences. Three million people disabled by UXO have been granted certificates to be eligible for monthly allowances. They have received charitable houses, audio-visual tools, vocational training, and assistance for livelihoods.

Vietnam has studied and mapped out explosives pollution areas. It has conducted communications activities at schools and residential areas to avoid bomb and mine accidents and responded to the International Day for Mine Awareness every year.   

Vietnam is boosting foreign relations in bomb and mine recovery and allocating funding to those in need.

Colonel Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Mine Action Center, said, “Since 2010, Vietnam has issued a decree on overcoming the consequences of bombs and mines, circulars on mine clean-up procedures, and welfares for victims of mine explosions. Localities have had guidance on vocational training for those victims. These legal documents are necessary to the management and use of funding for UXO relief programs.”

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