Vietnamese in Ukraine to return home on flights organized by government from Mar. 7

(VOVWORLD) - In the face of the escalating armed conflict in Ukraine, which is affecting Vietnamese people living, studying and working there, the Vietnamese Government on Thursday approved the policy of organizing repatriation flights.

Initially, about 900 people are expected to return home from Poland, Romania or Moldova. They will receive COVID-19 tests upon their arrival in Vietnam and take necessary medical measures under the Ministry of Health’s instruction.

Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating with the Ministry of Transport to arrange two flights: one flight scheduled to depart from Romania on Monday and one from Poland on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with relevant ministries to continue to evacuate Vietnamese people and their family members from dangerous areas in Ukraine, to neighboring countries, and bring those who wish to return to Vietnam depending on the real situation and capacity of Vietnam.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang told the press on Thursday that Vietnamese in Ukraine have left the combat zone and went to neighboring countries, especially Poland, Slovakia and Romania, and received support from Vietnamese representative offices in terms of immigration, transit, accommodation and other necessities. 

By Thursday night, 370 Vietnamese citizens had arrived safely in Romania. 200 more are expected to reach Romania by Saturday morning. 
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