VOV to renew overseas Vietnamese affairs coverage

(VOVWORLD) - Leaders of the Voice of Vietnam and the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs met in Hanoi on Friday to discuss cooperation in information dissemination. 

VOV to renew overseas Vietnamese affairs coverage  - ảnh 1 VOV's President Nguyen The Ky (R) and Dang Minh Khoi, Chairman of the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, at the working session

on July 24, 2020.

VOV’s President Nguyen The Ky said, “We have also cooperated with more than 20 national radio stations of foreign countries. I’m very interested in cultural and linguistic issues and pay special attention to teaching Vietnamese to the second and third generations of Vietnamese abroad.”

He added, “If the younger generations do not speak Vietnamese, it will likely be difficult for overseas Vietnamese affairs and overseas Vietnamese's bonding with their homeland. Therefore the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should design a comprehensive project to make the work more effective.”

Dang Minh Khoi, Deputy Foreign Minister and Chairman of the Committee, said the current developments at home and abroad require changes in reporting overseas Vietnamese issues.

“We hope cooperation between the Foreign Ministry, the Committee, and the media, especially VOV, will be strengthened. The media needs to persuade overseas Vietnamese to voluntarily listen to us and understand what we want to convey,” said Khoi.

Future coordination programs include increased communications, fact-finding tours for reporters to cover the life of overseas Vietnamese, and promoting the role of VOV overseas bureaus. VOV also asked the Foreign Ministry and other relevant agencies to elevate VOVWorld’s status to a key government external affairs radio channel.