VOV unveils new logo

(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam on Friday unveiled its new logo, representing a vision and strong desire to thrive as the media agency will celebrate its 75th founding anniversary on September 7.  
VOV unveils new logo - ảnh 1 A press briefing  unveils VOV's new logo on September 4, 2020. Photo: VOV

Letter “V” in the new logo is inspired by the wings of a mythical crane-like bird engraved on Vietnam’s ancient bronze drum, reflecting VOV’s strong optimism and aspirations. Meanwhile, letter “O” with a PLAY symbol at its heart represents VOV as a multimedia agency that has never ceased moving forward. The new logo uses two basic colors of blue and red, indicating prosperity and a bright future ahead.

"VOV’s new logo reveals VOV’s dream of becoming a prestigious multimedia agency not only in Vietnam but also around the world, from a strong revolutionary media with its rich history and traditions. VOV broadcasts programs in 13 Vietnamese ethnic languages and 13 foreign languages aimed at promoting Vietnam’s international integration and serving national construction and defense," VOV Deputy President Pham Manh Hung told a press briefing at VOV’s headquarter in Hanoi on Friday. 

On this occasion, VOV also debuted its app VOVlive at the address: https://vovlive.vn.

VOV programs are now available in all platforms: Web, Wap, Mobile App, and Social Media.    


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