Yemen rushes to prevent disaster as Houthi-damaged ship leaks oil

(VOVWORLD) - The Yemeni government announced Monday that it is scrambling to avert an environmental disaster in the Red Sea after the Houthi group attacked a cargo ship last week and caused it to take on water and leak oil.

Yemen rushes to prevent disaster as Houthi-damaged ship leaks oil - ảnh 1The Belize-flagged bulk carrier Rubymar is seen in the southern Red Sea near the Bay el-Mandeb Strait leaking oil after an attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels on February 18, 2024.(Photo: AFP/VNA)

Yemeni Minister of Water and Environment Tawfiq Al-Sharjabi told reporters on Monday that the British-owned, Belize-flagged bulk carrier was carrying thousands of tons of fertilizer and oil when it was damaged by two guided missiles launched by the Houthis on February 18 while sailing through the Red Sea. Its crew had been safely evacuated to Djibouti. However, the stricken vessel remains adrift with its dangerous cargo.

The minister mentioned that the Yemeni government has called on the international community to help address the looming environmental crisis, and directed the formation of an emergency committee to deal with a potential spillage.

The US-British coalition launched five airstrikes on Yemen's port city Hodeidah on Monday, the Houthi-run al-Masirah TV reported. The strikes hit the area of Ras Issa in the al-Salif district, northwest of the city.

So far, there were no reports of casualties.

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