Youth Internet Governance Vietnam Forum launched

(VOVWORLD) - A Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) was held for the first time during the 19th Vietnam Internet Forum in Hanoi on Wednesday.
Youth Internet Governance Vietnam Forum launched - ảnh 1The Advisory Council for the YIGF made its debut on March 20, 2019 (Photo:

The forum, co-organized by the Vietnam-ICT and the Swedish Embassy, aims to raise awareness of young people on the topic of Internet governance and encourage their participation in policy discussion. Participants discussed Internet management in Vietnam and other countries as well as the role of young people.

A group of Young Pioneers in Internet Governance made its debut with 14 members, including Ngo Minh Anh, a student at the National University of Economics. Anh said: “Our principle is a focus on all things digital. We aim to build a digital world on the Internet which is safe and effective. We’ll organize both online and offline activities. We’ll hold seminars and enhance communications on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.”

The Young Pioneers in Internet Governance aims to raise young people’s awareness on Internet polices and support their participation in  regional and global Internet management forums.