A physician dedicated to community work

(VOVworld) – A free clinic on Kim Dong street, Hoang Mai district, has become familiar to many people in Hanoi. The founder of this clinic of retired doctors was Truong Thi Hoi To, who has dedicated her years of retirement to serving the community. Bao Ngoc reports:

A physician dedicated to community work - ảnh 1

To was a former Deputy Principal of the Nam Dinh Medical College. Since she retired in 1992 many private healthcare centers have offered her well-paid jobs but she refused them all. As a volunteer of the Hai Ba Trung district Red Cross, she provided free medical check-ups to the elderly, the poor, war veterans, and social beneficiaries. To persuaded 5 other retired doctors and nurses to establish a clinic to provide free examinations to poor people. Because their infrastructure is limited, they have been able to provide simple services only and in more severe cases they refer the patients for further treatment at hospitals. To said:  “A physician must be wholeheartedly dedicated to his work. We sympathize with poor people who have no knowledge about their illnesses. We hope to help more people by doing this.”

A physician dedicated to community work - ảnh 2

For 20 years now, no matter the weather, the old doctors have been providing free medical check-ups, advice, and medicine to thousands of poor patients twice a week on Monday and Thursday. To has spent her own pensions and has encouraged her children to donate money to buy medical equipment and medicine to treat the poor people. Nurse Le Thi Soc is To’s coworker:  “It’s difficult to find someone like To these days. She has spent her own money to help children with disabilities since 1992. She is very dedicated to social activities.”

To has become a relative to many poor and elderly people. The doctors at the clinic are always friendly and ready to help. Dang Thi Nhan of Giap Bat ward says her husband and child, both with disabilities, have received regular support from doctor To: “Doctor To gives priority to our family because we are poor. I myself have many illnesses. Doctor To gives me free medicine and she is always willing to help.”

To, already in her 80s, says she and her colleagues will continue their charity work as long as they are healthy.