Central Highlands hamlet chief creates successful business model

(VOVWORLD) - 75-year-old A Chong, head of Dak Klong hamlet, Kon Tum province, runs a successful business in his community. He is also active in social work and has helped many local people escape poverty.

Central Highlands hamlet chief creates successful business model - ảnh 1

A Chong, head of Dak Klong hamlet, Kon Tum province.

Before 1995, A Chong led a difficult life himself, depending mainly on farming. His family’s income was unstable because of frequent natural disasters and bad weather. To escape poverty, A Chong began studying modern farming and husbandry techniques. Then he purchased 500 coffee seedlings from Dak Lak province.

After success with those plants, A Chong expanded his crop to additional 600 plants. With the income earned from coffee plantation, A Chong bought 30 cows. He was also put in charge of 120 hectares of forests by the authorities.

“My family’s income has been boosted by growing coffee and cassava. Seeing my success with coffee, many other locals have followed this model. Before, I grew pepper. But pepper farming requires large investment and much effort, so I switched to coffee and became more successful,” A Chong said.

After his retirement, A Chong was elected head of Dak Klong hamlet. Now busy with social work, A Chong still manages his farming business. He has invested in farm machinery to increase his productivity.

Ms. Y Nong, Vice Chairwoman of Dak Hring commune’s People’s Committee says A Chong has made a great contribution to his locality. He not only runs a successful business but has helped others escape poverty.

“Over the past few years, Mr. A Chong has been an active member of Dak Klong hamlet’s Fatherland Front. He’s an important figure in the community. He also helps to communicate Party and State policies and guidelines to the locals. He is a model of success in the locality,” said Y Nong.