Central Highlands teacher sets example of good deeds for students

(VOVWORLD) - Many outstanding individuals and collectives have been reported in Kon Tum since the province implemented the Politburo’s decree on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. 37-year-old teacher Duong Van Van from Dak Rve secondary school in Kon Ray district is one.

Central Highlands teacher sets example of good deeds for students - ảnh 1

Teacher Van and other members of the “Kon Ray, connecting and sharing” group are at a ceremony to encourage disadvantaged children to go to school.

A teacher for more than 14 years, Duong Van Van has always been concerned about how to help disadvantaged children attend school. 3 years ago, Van established a voluntary group called “Kon Ray, connecting and sharing”.

“I do all I can to help other people. This group is set up to help disadvantaged children attend school,” he said.

Van’s group has more than 800 members and has given 270 scholarships, and thousands of gifts and free meals to poor local pupils. Luong Ngoc Khanh Uyen, an 8th grader from Dak Rve secondary school, said: “Mr. Van is very enthusiastic and has great sense of humor. He is very creative with the school’s young pioneer activities, which inspire many pupils”.

While in charge of the young pioneer activities at Dak Rve school, Van has initiated many projects and set up a small library called “Uncle Ho’s bookcase”. He proposed creating a Truong Sa (Spratly) model at school to teach the students about Vietnam’s sea and islands.

“Duong Van Van is an active person and has considerable achievements in the education sector. We always consult with him to effectively organize events for the pupils. Van takes the lead in social movements at our school,” said Mr. Luong Tan Thanh, Deputy Head of Dak Rve secondary school.