Engineer Pham Phuc Thao, a role model in the petroleum sector

(VOVworld) – Engineer Pham Phuc Thao of the Duc Giang petroleum depot has produced many initiatives to boost sales and minimize environmental pollution. He was honored at the recent national patriotic emulation congress in Hanoi.

Engineer Pham Phuc Thao, a role model in the petroleum sector - ảnh 1

Petro-chemical engineer Pham Phuc Thao is tasked with checking petroleum quality. He has been trying to find a way to create a less hazardous environment for workers in the petroleum sector. One of his most effective initiatives was to use vegetable oil to remove residues of fuel and crude oil in tanks. He produced a type of vegetable oil called TCF 0507 which can save 90% of the residues for reuse, reducing significantly risks of environmental pollution and increasing labor productivity 6.5 times. This initiative has saved Thao’s company a lot of money. Thao said: “Oil tank cleaners have to work in a hazardous environment and accidents are very likely. My invention was aimed at lessening their work and preventing oil residues from harming the environment.”

Thao’s vegetable oil has received a patent from Vietnam’s National Office of Intellectual Property. Ngo Duy Phuong, Trade Union President of the Duc Giang petroleum depot said: “Thao’s invention is very helpful to petroleum companies. It is environmentally friendly.”

Thao’s more than 10 inventions have helped to improve his company’s working environment and save production cost. Thao’s colleague Dao Bich Ngoc said:  “I’m impressed with his vegetable oil to remove residues of fuel oil. It prevents potential risks to workers’ health.

Thao won third prize of the 12th national technical innovation competition in 2013 and received a certificate of merit from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs in 2014. His inventions have contributed greatly to his company’s business and Vietnam’s patriotic emulation movement.