Hanoi public servant honored as role model in new rural development

(VOVWORLD) - Mr. Tran Quang Huy is considered a role model for participating in community activities in Hoang Dieu commune, Hanoi. He has contributed to new rural development and patriotic emulation movements in his locality. 
Hanoi public servant honored as role model in new rural development  - ảnh 1Mr. Tran Quang Huy. (Photo: VOV)  

Tran Quang Huy has worked as Party Secretary and Head of the Fatherland Front branch in An Vong hamlet since 2010. In those 10 years, Huy launched a number of initiatives to make An Vong a civilized and prosperous rural area.

“We encouraged local people to donate money and land to build a 4,000-square-meter stadium. In 2012, the village paths and roads were paved. In 2017, trees were planted in public areas. By late 2019, our hamlet had completed most of the new rural development goals,” said Mr. Huy.

Mr. Huy initiated the construction of a library to promote reading. Later, he helped raise 43,000 USD to upgrade the local cemetery.

Tran Quang Huy has written numerous articles about other role models and their good deeds.

“Huy has won prizes for writing about role models. His works have provided a great source of inspiration for local people,” said Ms. Do Tuan Anh, Deputy Head of the Chuong My district Department of  Home Affairs.

Mr. Huy says local interests and community activities are his top priority.

“A public servant needs to be a role model. Everything he does should accord with the people’s aspirations and needs. He should also be enthusiastic and exemplify revolutionary morality,” he said.

Huy’s community activities have included raising money for scholarships for local disadvantaged pupils.